Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Yoga For Seniors

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind, so it’s as important as ever to stay active as we grow older.


Yoga has the advantage of being adaptable to all kinds of fitness levels and body types while still providing the benefits of a good workout, through gentle movements that increase strength and flexibility.

Adding yoga to your routine can help in various ways:

  • Improve sleeping habits

  • Improve balance, flexibility, mobility, and strength

  • Alleviate aches and pains

  • Reduce stress

  • Expand awareness of body and mind

The sessions can take place in your home (Dublin area) or online via Zoom.

All classes are carefully tailored to your personal needs.

The length of the class depends on what suits you most: 60 minutes or 45 minutes.

Pricing varies depending on your specific requirements, class time, duration, and location.

Please enquire below for more information and to book your class.


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